The right payment solution for you

Facebook has launched a new platform called Marketplace. The platform allows Facebook users to buy or sell their personal items. Thanks to global availability and over 2 billion users, the market has an enormous growth potential.

Payrexx is the right solution to conveniently accept online payments on Facebook Marketplace. Start accepting credit cards and sell within a few minutes, regardless of your know-how, is easy with Payrexx.

Quick and easy

You can sell any kind of product - receiving your money is fast with Payrexx.

You set the price

Your customers open and pay the amount on the Payrexx page that you set up on Facebook.

Multiple payment options

Accept all major payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and bank transfer through more than 20 payment service providers.

Personal and flexible

Create custom payment forms by drag & drop.

Say goodbye to bank transfers

Stop waiting for transfers with Payrexx. Simply send a Payrexx link to your customers and receive the confirmation as soon as they pay.

Link parameters

Change link parameters in order to customise such information as currency, amount and further info.

Accept payments with a few clicks

Send individual payment requests to your customers.



Provide your Facebook Marketplace customers with the paylink from your Payrexx account.

Quick and easy

Your customers simply click on the link and pay.

Sell more

Using this quick and secure feature, allows you to sell more products in a shorter time frame, whilst maintaining the highest level of security.

How Payrexx Marketplace link works

3 steps to close the sale


Create paylink

Create your personal paylink in your Payrexx account. Still don't have a Payrexx account? Create one now, it only takes a few minutes.


Share link

Share the Payrexx link with your Facebook Marketplace customers. You can easily define the amount by following the next step: With you are asking 25 USD.


Get paid

Your customers click on the link and pay with the preferred payment method. Payment is then transferred to your bank account.