The simplest fundraising tool

Fundraising stands for all activities related to collecting money without any costs. Online donation forms belong to the most effective way to collect donations and have proven to be the most successful among the majority of organizations.

Online fundraising tools have many advantages. The most important one is the ability to share donation forms online making them accessible to individuals and organizations at any time. People are also willing to donate more online rather than in person.

Raise funds easily

Accept one-time and recurring donations online. Start your own fundraising campaign quickly and simply.

Create your own donation form

Design the donation form according to your preferences. Choose colours, fonts and use your own logo.

Start fast

Within 5 minutes you can get started and accept online donations - without any coding skills.

Share your project

Accelerate your campaign, by posting the link to your donation form on social media channels, or send it by email to potential donors.

Show appreciation

Payrexx makes it easy to say "Thank you" to your donors. You'll have access to all information of your contributors they have filled out on the donation form.

Donation form website integration

You can embed your donation form directly into your website so your donors can contribute with confidence.

Individual donation forms

Create donation forms with Payrexx and benefit from the world's easiest donation tool!


NPOs and charities

Raise the volume of donations for your organisation and achieve greater success.

Clubs & associations

Turn your fundraising idea into action with Payrexx.

Politics and political parties

Raise funds for your campaign quickly and easily.

Create your own donation form

Start collecting donations right after the signup!


Create a free Payrexx-Account.


Select preferred payment methods.


Create your own donation form and share it on social media, send by email or integrate into your website.